Company Information

Air Radio, is managed by a group of highly experienced radio and television executives, bringing 30+ years of experience in the media market in the design, installation and operating of low power radio and television stations. The Company’s current primary product is low power local radio station for schools and governmental units.

Rapid Deployment Capability

One of its key design features is its ability to be engineered and installed within a matter of days in a small onsite space. Each radio station will consist of A Transmitter, a Transmitter interface, a computer loaded with radio station automation software, an audio mixer, and broadcast quality microphone.


The radio station is mission-specific delivering a daily customized message for the school to inform parents and family about school activities while they wait in line to drop off or pick up students. The messages, in most cases, can also be heard within a 1-3 mile radius of the school.The station will also provide the school with the opportunity to add broadcast classes and clubs, and to broadcast recorded concerts and other activities.

For local governmental bodies, the daily messages can be heard, in most cases, as the employees get within 3 miles of the government facilities or during the work hours.

To broadcast a new message the designated local administrator will record an MP3 file and schedule it to be played during a specific time slots.

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