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Dr. Don Shelton  CEO

Dr. Shelton is the CEO and Founder of AIR Radio Inc and Past Executive Director of The Association of Texas oil and Gas Operators, Former Co-Founder and CEO of American Independent Network, Inc and President of seven television stations, AIN broadcasted 24 hours per day via satellite and had over 150 affiliate television stations and television cable systems throughout the United States with current cumulative households exceeding 40 million. Under Dr. Shelton’s leadership, AIN used current technology and the creativeness of its staff to develop an operating system for television stations that makes the stations almost totally automated and allows the stations to be monitored and controlled from a central location in Fort Worth.

Prior to forming the media corporation, Dr. Shelton was a Presidential appointee (Reagan Administration) as the Regional Representative of the Secretary for the US Department of Transportation and Vice Chairman of the Southwest Federal Regional Council for eight years. Before accepting the appointments, Dr. Shelton was director of sales and marketing for Apco Oil Corporation and General Drug and Chemical Corporation. He also owned Red Carpet Reality and Professional School of Real Estate.

Dr. Shelton is past chairman of the Fort Worth Air Power Council and The Fort Worth Air Power Foundation of which he is a current board member.

Carson Thompson  COO

Carson Thompson was in management at Tandy Corporation for twenty years during its rapid growth, served fifteen years as Chairman and Chief Executive of The Bombay Company leading in its expansion from two to 440 stores, and has owned and operated multiple private businesses during the last fifteen years. His experience includes specialty retail, sales, marketing, manufacturing, and the development of curriculum and teaching business courses at major universities.

He has served on numerous boards including the College of Business at the University of Oklahoma and the Board of Trustees at Texas Wesleyan University.

Thompson received a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Wesleyan University in 1962 and a Doctor of Business and Finance Honorius Causas from Texas Wesleyan University in 1992.

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